New Year’s Eve

Today is New Years Eve! I love New Year’s Eve because we always go to our friends house, hang out, play with other kids while the parents talk and watch football, eat dinner, then we watch the New York countdown, and after that we run outside bang pots and pans. I am so excited! Here we come 2017!


                          What do you do for New Year’s Eve?


                                                 Do you want 2016 to end?

                                        What are your New Year’s resolutions? 



The Duck Game

I went to the Oregon Duck game! It was so fun! It was at Autzen Stadium. My family went together, which is my mom, my dad, and my two brothers. We stayed at my grandma and grandpa house ( my mom’s parents’ house.) So we stayed there for the weekend and then at 4:00 we left to Autzen Stadium. We were there a little early and we went the Moshofsky center. There was a concert going on at the time. It was Otis Day and the Knights.  They sang the song, Shout. So we were in there for a while and then everybody started to walk into Autzen Stadium. Then we found our spots. We were in section 18 and in row 18. We were by the endzone. The ducks were playing against Cal ( California.) The ducks won, 44 to 28. It was so fun.


The Oregon duck on the motorcycle

The Oregon duck on the motorcycle

Here is the video Shout, by Otis Day

Go Ducks!


imageI love soccer! Why I love soccer is because I get to run, kick a ball,  defend, and have fun! The players on my team are Simone, Katrin,  Meredith, Addi, Catherine, Lilly A, Giselle, Kendall, Ryann, Anna, and me. Our team name is the Pouncing Panthers. I like my teammates because they are funny, smart, fun, kind, and good teammates. I like being a Midfielder, because I get to defend and score goals.

      Do you play soccer?

What do you like about it?   

What is your favorite position?

Train , The Fray ,and Matt Nathanson Concert.

imageI went to an awesome concert! It was in Ridgefield,Washington. Where we saw the concert was at Sleep Country Amphitheater. My family sat on the lawn.The opening act was Matt Nathanson. He was great! When he sang the song Headphones he came in the crowd! My older brother Cameron and I got a high five from him! He sang for a long time. Then some people changed the background to The Fray. It took a while but then The Fray started to sing! They were fun to watch! The lead singer came in the crowd just like Matt Nathanson. But he didn’t come by us. They had a lot of songs. Finally it was Train’s turn! They started to sing some good songs. Even better earlier my mom and little brother went where the snacks were and this lady came up to us and asked if I wanted to dance on stage with Train and some other girls! I said yes. So later my mom took me back stage and the lady gave me a Train Bandanna and told me to swing it on stage and dance. At the end of the dance the lead singer gave us high fives. After the dance it was getting late. It took a long time to find our car for my Mom and I. Thanks for reading!

I am the one in the pink

I am the one in the pink


I love Summer! Where I live Summer is between June 21 to September 21.  What I like to do during Summer is swim, go to the beach, read, and travel. But since I live in Oregon, U.S.A, I am not that used to the hot weather. But when it is hot I like to have ice cream or popsicles. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a fun Summer!



What do you like to do in Summer?

      Do you know what you are going to do in Summer?



This is a learning tool called VoiceThread. My class and I made an ecosystem VoiceThread. I am the giraffe icon in the VoiceThread. It has the six major ecosystems. You should watch it. I hope you like it.

My Blogging Experience

I love blogging! It is such a great learning tool. I learnt a few rules of blogging. First I learnt how to write a strong paragraph. I also learnt how to use a blog. People use blogs in different ways, I use my blog for learning. I think everyone who wants one can have a blog.


These words are the basic things you need to think about when you write a blog post.

These words are the basic things you need to think about when you write a blog post.


Who likes friendship? Well I do. It is a great thing to have friends. Do you not have any friends? You don’t know how to make friends?                                                                                                        Guess what? I have a 15 steps to make friends.

1 Spend more time around people.         

2 Talk to people.

3 Make eye contact with people and smile.

4 Start a conversation.

5 Try small talk.  Ask questions about the person.

6 Introduce yourself in the conversation.

Ask them out for lunch or have a play date.

8 Do not pressure them to be your friend.

9 Be yourself.

10 Be in contact.

11 Be a good listener.

12 Encourage your friend.

13 Be confident.

14 Do not separate your friend from the group.

15 Be a good friend. Be a loyal friend. 

Well I think that is enough. Thanks for reading.




Africa Bridge

We are learning about Africa Bridge! Africa Bridge is a program that connects your school with schools in Africa. We are helping them get better classrooms, schools, and better homes. Mr. Childs started the program. You will learn more about him in this video. I hope you, too will help Africa Bridge.


My Personal Strengths.

We all have Personal  Character Strengths. Personal Character Strengths are not talents like I am good at soccer, they are special Strengths that you have inside you. Here are a few examples:

Wisdom and Knowledge – It means things curiosity, creativity, or love of learning.

Courage -This means you have honesty, bravery, perseverance, or zest.

Humanity – It means kindness, love, or social intelligence.

Justice – It means teamwork, leadership, or fairness.

Temperance – This means self control or statement.

Transcendence – This word means Humor, Hope, or Gratitude.                                                                                                  

Now here are my top two Personal Character Strengths, Humanity and Justice.      

What are your Personal Character Strengths?                                                                      Tell me your top two.